Un letto nel cortile

Holiday Apartment in the Ticino Park
Enjoy. Work. Relax.

Our house is called “Un letto nel cortile” which means “A bed in the courtyard”. Why? Let me tell you…

Casa vacanze Parco Ticino

The Lombard courtyard

The Lombard courtyard (simply called “court”) is an architectural type of housing which is typical of the Pianura Padana and is characterized by a court surrounded by a building complex. Its origins date back to feudalism, in the middle of the Medieval era.

The continuous aggregation of several courts around the original one led to the birth of the historic centers of the local municipalities.

The Lombard courts are mainly located in county areas around Milan, Monza, Lodi, Cremona, Mantova, Bergamo, Brescia, Varese, Como, Lecco and Pavia, except for the Oltrepò Pavese area.

(source: Wikipedia)

That’s where our studio is, right inside a typical Lombard court, in the village of Bereguardo, in the area of the Ticino Park, just a few steps away from the Alzaia dei Navigli: a famous path very much appreciated by bikers, runners, and walkers.

The original walls of our house date back to the beginning of last century: they were probably part of a stable where travellers used to leave their horses while having some food at the local inn.

Our house was completely renewed. Works ended at the beginning of 2020 and we had the idea to furnish it following the 3 R philosophy: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce.


So we recycled parts of the previous furniture, and reused old accessories, pallets, and everyday objects in order to reduce waste.

The studio is about 50 square meters large and it’s equipped with a kitchen, a living room with a sofa bed, a small laundry, and a bathroom with a shower. It’s an ideal accommodation for two people, but it’s possible to add an extra cot for a third person.

The place is really quiet and far from the main street, but still close to the historic center and a few steps away from shops, restaurants, bars, and facilities.

Do you want to spend your holidays or a weekend surrounded by nature and culture? Do you need a temporary location for work reasons?

Un letto nel cortile is your perfect nest!

The cities of Pavia, Milan, and Vigevano are easy to reach from here, as well as the beach of the Ticino River, the paths of the Park, the monument of the Certosa church, and Sant’Alessio’s natural oasis.

We look forward to having you as our guests very soon

Susanna, Alfredo & Patch

Casa vacanze Parco Ticino
Casa vacanze Parco Ticino
Casa vacanze Parco Ticino
Casa vacanze Parco Ticino
Casa vacanze Parco Ticino