The Naviglio di Bereguardo


The Naviglio di Bereguardo arises from the Naviglio Grande, near Abbiategrasso and merges into the Ticino river near the Ponte di Barche. It’s 19 kms (around 11 miles) long and it has a difference in height of 25 mtrs (around 82 feet) which has been overcome thanks to the construction of 12 basins.

The cycle path which flanks the Naviglio di Bereguardo, and actually flanks all the 5 stretches of the Navigli of Milan: Grande, Bereguardo, Martesana, Paderno and Pavese), is called “Alzaia”.

Why is it called this way?


These paths were once travelled by horses, donkeys, and oxen pulling boats against the flow.

“Alzaia” was the rope used to tow the boats: an end was tied to the boat, the other end to the animal. On the way back, when following the flow, these animals were carried on the same boats once they were emptied.


Naviglio di Bereguardo

Alzaia dei Navigli

The Alzaia dei Navigli can be travelled by any vehicle without an engine and it’s particularly popular with bikers, skaters, hikers, joggers, nordic walkers.

It’s the ideal place where four-legged friends can have fun and enjoy the fresh waters of the Naviglio for a swim!

The Via Francisca del Lucomagno

The stretch of Alzaia of the Naviglio di Bereguardo coincides with a part of the Via Francisca del Lucomagno ending in Pavia where it connects to the Via Francigena route.

Because it’s so close to the Via Francisca, our house has become a “pilgrim accommodation”: we regularly host travellers and pilgrims walking along the path.