The Ticino Park


The natural park of the Ticino Valley is located between Lombardia and Piemonte and it’s the most ancient regional park of Italy and the most ancient river park of Europe, besides being one of the greatest.

In 2002 it was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List as Reserve of Biosphere and by right it became part of the MAB Program (Man & Biosphere). The recognition was reconfirmed in 2014, and in 2018 it was also extended over the Swiss border and to the whole area of the Lago Maggiore under the name of Reserva Ticino Val Grande Verbano.

The Park offers a wide variety of paths to be run in one day or more: at your choice!

Il Parco del Ticino

Ponte di Barche

The Ponte di Barche, one of the last still existing barge bridges in Italy and one of most used in TV and movies locations in the 60s and 90s, is 10 minutes drive from our house: Sofia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni, Vittorio de Sica, and Alberto Sordi are some of the stars who crossed that bridge!

The beach

In the area, there are different places where you can have good time: the beach to relax and sunbathe, many paths to hike inside the Park, bars to have lunch or an ice cream and, last but not least, the Ondasplash Water Park.